25 May 2020

The world changed two months ago and threw health and wellness professionals into turmoil. As the worlds population faced a pandemic that caused international border to close, government to enforce lockdown orders a vast number of individuals faced immediate physical and emotional stressful circumstances as we were forced to finding solace within the confines of their abodes.

Social interaction grounded to a halt and this impact saw physical fitness and movement modalities scurring to evolve and adapt into virtual offerings most not accustomed too.

Anxiety, depression, panic, stress, frustration all set in rather quickly as people scrambled to purchase gym equipment and finally realised just how expensive equipment is with quotes for a proper treadmill -entry level R80k upwards 

The question never crossed the mind of most individuals including wellness and fitness professionals as we focused on when things would return back to normal...IF EVER is the question that most should have been asking.

The age of technology assisted with the rapid evolution and early adopters accomplished more that they imagined possible in a very short space of time. Late laggards waited out the initial lockdown process, overly assessed asking questions and replying with internal overwhelming responses as to why they either missed the boat or convinced themselves that their current clients don't want to engage in this new medium and we will return back to normal soon... boy do i have news for those people!!

Yes we will get back, and when we do........Boutique facilities that survived the lockdown will thrive, big facilities will take extended time to become the hubs of opportunity should be assessed as transitional period would have had a detrimental effect on not only cash flow but the extremely high cost of capital that is required to operate such businesses, things will never be the same or at-least they will take years to return to normal.


In-turn virtual is here to stay and the opportunities that come along with it is vast and variable. Not only do fitness professionals have access to a great population of people but people have the opportunity to  connect with fitness professionals whom come highly regarded, normal out of reach due to geographic locations, time constraint as well as financial affordability. 

Personal Solution by Wellness In Motion resolves those issues and more as we promise is to deliver world class solutions to both professional and clients. 

Personal Solution by Wellness In Motion provides a technological platform connecting the world to wellness and furthermore ensuring that our professional team is up to date with CEC (continued education curriculum) providing a full solution ensuring the most important  person, each and every client is put first with guided lifestyle enhancing services and solutions.

Furthermore we have teamed up with equipment suppliers and manufactures bringing you home equipment delivered to you countrywide and if required fully installed. 

Welcome to Personal Solution.

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